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Mom Says. . . " Don't Hire A Company That Will Use Your Living Room As A Training Facility. "

  Remember, Mom knows that nobody wants to take a chance at throwing money away. Why would you do that when there are so many other things you could do with it ?    Mom says, When it comes to hiring a stain removal company in Dupont, There are  many  Dupont-Steilacoom Carpet Cleaning Companies making claims like : " We are professional steam cleaners"...." We are trained ".... " We are expert carpet cleaners"...." We are carpet cleaning specialists"....But how do you know  they are telling the truth  ???   How do you know the training  is real  ???   How do you know their work is any good  ???  If these Dupont companies  make false claims to get your business what else are they willing  to do that's not  honest & ethical  ???    Regretably,  most Dupont area carpet cleaners  make unsubstantiated claims. Make Mom proud of you and ask questions.  The question that they are afraid you will ask them is .......  where's  the   P R O O F  ?

Mom  knows every man's home is his castle, that is why, at Chubby Chubby, we believe that only the best will do.  We have bent over backwards to ensure that the best is what you get, we have gone to great  lengths  year after year to stay ahead of the pack in all areas of our trade including; carpet repair,carpet replacement,cleaning for carpets, upholstery cleaning, area rug cleaning ,tile and grout cleaning,  leather cleaning, yacht cleaning, automobiles, hard wood floors, carpet dyeing,water damage restoration, hardwood floor dry outs, sewer back up cleaning, flood damage extraction,broken pipes, spot cleaning, dry cleaning, or steam cleaning.  Don't forget,  our  name  means  what  it  says.......... We  are  C H U B B Y on S E R V I C E --- C H U B B Y  on      Q U A L I T Y --- C H U B B Y  on  T R A I N I N G !    We have earned the right to say we are the best.  ( visit our blog to see what so many happy and satisfied Dupont, WA. area home owners have to say. You'll be happy you did. We are pleased to announce that we now service :  FORT LEWIS,WA.-LACEY,WA.- MC CHORD A.F.B.,WA.- LAKEWOOD,WA.- OLYMPIA,WA.-YELM,Wa.-ROY,WA.-NISQUALLY,WA.-McKENNA,WA.-AND THE SURROUNDING AREAS FROM SEATTLE ALL THE WAY DOWN TO TUMWATER.

We are a certified Dupont,WA. home town firm of The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration. The cleaning method that we employ is Gold Seal Approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute. You can trust us to preserve your Dupont area carpets warranty and maintain that newly installed feeling and Restore that fresh n clean home town look.

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What  You  See  Is  What  You Get !

  Would you agree ? Everyone in Dupont,WA. wants the best stain removal that Tacoma carpet cleaners can provide for their clients carpet and upholstery cleaning needs. Not everyone knows how to find the best steam cleaning company in Dupont,Wa. and the surrounding areas. Carpet cleaning is an industry full of Steam Cleaners whose primary goal is to serve themselves without much thought of how to provide professional services to their steam cleaning customers. The end result,. . . . a bunch of low quality carpet cleaners leaving  negative experiences almost everywhere they steam clean.

  Dupont area residents find it difficult to trust Tacoma carpet cleaners and  honestly, how can you blame them?    Let's say you did a carpet cleaning search for carpet cleaning Dupont,Wa. and found a lot of Tacoma carpet cleaning company's websites, some that look terrible and some that appear nice and professional.  Of  the companies that  represent  themselves as  companies  you could  trust, you choose one and call them to schedule an appointment. They come out to your home and  the carpet cleaning van doesn't look anything like the one that was on the website or advertising piece.  You get that uneasy feeling and though you're  leary you decide to take a chance.  The carpet technician comes to the door in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that reads somthing less than professional.  but since you already made the appointment and they're standing at your door you reluctantly invite them in.   Before you know it, they pressure you into additional services that you don't need. While they're in your home they use base and vulgar speech, man handle your furniture, bang their hoses against your walls and doors and fly through the cleaning so fast that a good portion of the spots on the carpet are still there.  With hesitation, you question them about the spots that are still on the floor, they reply with ," Oh, those won't come out lady ".  At this point your wishing you had never made the mistake of calling this steam cleaning company and you tell yourself that you should have sent them away when they arrived in the old beat up van that didn't look like the one in their advertising.   ( sound familiar ? )

At CHUBBY CHUBBY CARPET CLEANER.COM  we understand  what carpet cleaning customers in Dupont,Wa. want and we exceed those expectations everyday. What you see is what you get! We will be gentle with your home and furnishings because  we understand that it's an extension of you.   We won't use foul language, we show up in a uniform,( this is a huge problem in the steam cleaning industry and you may have noticed how un-professional most stain removal companies are. ) we don't practice un-ethical " BAIT -N- SWITCH " upsell techniques  and the carpet cleaning van that we arrive in  looks just like the ones  seen on the website. No other company can rival us for professionalism and training.   We are the best in the industry and have the  I.I.C.R.C. education  and certifications to prove it.   In fact,  we are recommended  by  SUNSET YACHTS  of  Gig Harbor,WA. and   MEYER FLOOR COVERING  of Lakewood, WA. and  have serviced so many of Greater Tacoma's  Rich and Famous, Powerful and Prominent.    Visit,    and read what so many satisfied customers have to say about us. Then go ahead and pick up the phone and call   253-426-2401  or  253-383-1007  and soon you will experience the Chubby Chubby difference.
Dupont & Steilacoom now have access to a home town favorite Tacoma carpet cleaning & water damage company specializing in advanced water damage.

***Not all customers represent the cities for which they are displayed .Some of the individuals portrayed are models. ChubbyTechnicians portrayed in advertising are not actual Technicians but are models.
*Certain Restrictions Apply To All Offers, Promotions ,Retention Programs, Referral Programs,Free Cleanings, Gift Certificates, or any Offer Made, Implied Or Expressed.  See Local Office For Full Details.  Guidelines and Rules May Change Without Prior Notice . Commercial Referral Requirement is 10 Referrals For every Free Cleaning Credit.  Residential Referral Requirement is 3 For Every Free Cleaning Credit. Free Cleaning Credit Amount May Change Without Notice and/or will Expire After 60 Days of The Date Of Issue. Free Cleanings Of Any Kind Are Subject To All State and Local Taxes and Fees . Free cleanings May Also be Subject To Fuel and Chemical Surcharge Determined By Each Independantly Owned Office. Free Cleaning Recipients Are Required To Allow The Posting of Their Picture(s) in All Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaner and Their Affiliates Advertising and Promotions State, Local, and World Wide with the Understanding and Agreement of the Free Cleaning They Recieve Being The Only Compensation That They Will Recieve. Free Cleaning Certificates Have No Cash Value and May Only Be Redeemed Within The City They Are Issued.

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We  now employ the" Roto Vac 360  power wand " and the " Roto Vac original power wand ."  You might say, " What's the the big deal ? "    It out cleans even the best wand techniques in the Seattle-Tacoma,Wa. Steam Cleaning Industry.   For instance,  standard wand strokes call for two wet passes and two dry passes.  The Rotovac power wand makes 300 multi-directional wet and dry passes in just one stroke ?  Can you imagine how effective this is ??  So here you have it !!. . . . . . . .  This is another great reason to use
Chubby Chubby !

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