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East Dupont,WA. is finding out how  expensive  replacing wall to wall carpet  is.  East Dupont,WA. is also discovering how affordable professional cleaning of carpets is as opposed to  having  carpets replaced. The  company to call for carpet cleaning in   East Dupont,WA. is none other than the company that more home town people trust for all types of home town textile cleaning in  East Dupont,WA.  At Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaning we always strive to give our East Dupont,WA. carpet cleaning customers more for your hard earned  home town money.  Money doesn't grow on trees around  East Dupont,WA. Right ?   Well, We use high-powered truck-mounted-WATER DAMAGE EXTRACTION-steam-cleaning machines which are GOLD SEAL APPROVED by the Carpet And Rug Institute. wo wow  wow weee  !  You Gotta Listen to this, many  that use our carpet cleaning service have stated that they have had other local carpet cleaning companies out in the past that could never remove the stains that we were able to remove. Now That's a great compliment don't you think ??? ( doesn't  this make you wonder........? )   But really it's no great mystery.....because local carpet cleaning companies who fail to see the importance of proper training and I.I.C.R.C. education,  usually produce low quality carpet technicians who focus more on "FULL SERVICE INVOICES" geared toward subtle bait-n-switch upsell practices designed to rob and steal all they can from unsuspecting  East Dupont,WA. carpet cleaning customers. These dishonest  &  deceitful smooth talkers spend alot of time talking to you about your family cars, boats, hobbies, and hot buttons in order to manipulate  the emotions and master the sale. These "slick talkers ", as we will call them, will charge you for services that, oftentimes, they wont even give you.  So remember,  local carpet cleaners are only as good as the education that they recieve and the integrity that the company enforces. That is why we spend so much money in on going training and IICRC education for all of our staff. We believe Education is power and it distinguishes the good local carpet cleaners from the bad local carpet cleaners.  Let me ask you ,  What are you waiting for ? Our schedule books up very fast ! So don't put it off any longer, pick up the phone and make that easy local call now at 253-426-2401  or  253-383-1007 and start thinking about what you will do with all the money you save by avoiding replacement cost for those neglected carpets. You will be happy and so will the Land Lord.
* Chubby Customers in advertising pages may or may not be from the specific cities represented.
*Certain Restrictions Apply To All Offers, Promotions ,Retention Programs, Referral Programs,Free Cleanings, Gift Certificates, or any Offer Made, Implied Or Expressed.  See Local Office For Full Details.  Guidelines and Rules May Change Without Prior Notice . Commercial Referral Requirement is 10 Referrals For every Free Cleaning Credit.  Residential Referral Requirement is 3 For Every Free Cleaning Credit. Free Cleaning Credit Amount May Change Without Notice and/or will Expire After 60 Days of The Date Of Issue. Free Cleanings Of Any Kind Are Subject To All State and Local Taxes and Fees . Free cleanings May Also be Subject To Fuel and Chemical Surcharge Determined By Each Independantly Owned Office. Free Cleaning Recipients Are Required To Allow The Posting of Their Picture(s) in All Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaner and Their Affiliates Advertising and Promotions State, Local, and World Wide with the Understanding and Agreement of the Free Cleaning They Recieve Being The Only Compensation That They Will Recieve. Free Cleaning Certificates Have No Cash Value and May Only Be Redeemed Within The City They Are Issued.

If You enjoy how pretty Dupont & Steilacoom is then You Will like Cleaning with Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaner & Water Damage of  East Dupont, Wa. and the surrounding areas
Daddys coming home !
Don't let him see the mess !
we'll help you come clean !

***Not all customers represent the cities for which they are displayed .Some of the individuals portrayed are models. ChubbyTechnicians portrayed in advertising are not actual Technicians but are models.
We  now employ the" Roto Vac 360  power wand " and the " Roto Vac original power wand ."  You might say, " What's the the big deal ? "    It out cleans even the best wand techniques in the Seattle-Tacoma,Wa. Steam Cleaning Industry.   For instance,  standard wand strokes call for two wet passes and two dry passes.  The Rotovac power wand makes 300 multi-directional wet and dry passes in just one stroke ?  Can you imagine how effective this is ??  So here you have it !!. . . . . . . .  This is another great reason to use
Chubby Chubby !
    Alot of  carpet cleaning customers in Dupont, Wa. and the surrounding areas  just adore the name.

  Chubby service begins with a real live person answering our telephone  not a recording.  When you call our company you won't hear someone answering his phone with his Steam cleaning machine blarring in the background  saying........" Dupont Town Carpet Care,   this is   Jimmie ,  how may I help you ?  "  That's not professional.    We care enough about our customers to try to provide   real customer service .  We provide real service for real carpet cleaning customers in Dupont  Wa. and the surrounding areas.

    Alot of  Steam cleaning customers in  Dupont ,Wa. and the surrounding areas  just adore the name.

  Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaning  is fun !  Chubby Chubby Steam Cleaning is friendly !  Chubby Chubby Steam Cleaners is endearing !   Most of all the name is  what our service is all about !    Our name is Chubby because we believe in providing  heavy portions of good old fashioned service to our Dupont customers.   Many carpet cleaning companies in  Dupont offer skinny service, skinny quality and skinny levels of professionalism.   At Chubby Chubby Carpet Cleaning WATER DAMAGE EXTRACTION CO.    we're Chubby on quality!   Chubby on service!   Chubby on training!   That's the Chubby difference! 

We give Dupont more for the money  and everyone could use more for their money these days because more service is better than less service and every little bit helps.  We know you want your carpets cleaned and we understand that it pays to make things last longer.

Helping Dupont to keep their carpets and upholstery lasting longer is what we do best ! 

We are an  I.I.C.R.C. Certified  Firm. This ensures the best possible cleaning for you.   Don't put it off any longer!!  The longer you wait  to clean your carpets the more damage you are doing to your carpets.   Dirt is an abrasive,  like sand paper, and every time you step on the carpet  you're making tiny cuts on the face yarns which results in premature wear.   This kind of wear shortens the life span of your carpet.    Neglected carpet will not live to see half of it's years.   So  go ahead and pick up the phone and call us at   253-426-2401  or  253-383-1007.     Your family will appreciate a cleaner healthier happier Dupont home.
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